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Exception -> VuemAgentServiceConfigurationHelper.ReadCentralConfiguration()

IT Team1709161957


WEM is triggering an error event every 15 minutes (SQL refresh delay) or when refreshing Agent Host Settings - saying:

VuemAgentServiceConfigurationHelper.ReadCentralConfiguration() : Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I already enabled WEM Debug Mode (Advanced Settings > Configuration > Service Options) but in the log file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Workspace Environment Management Agent\Citrix WEM Agent Host Service Debug.log" are no more details:

11:09:01 Event -> ConfigurationDataSourcesHelper.CheckBrokerSvcConnection() : Broker Svc Check -> OK
11:09:01 Event -> StatisticsUpdater.() : Detected connection security -> Negociated
11:09:01 Event -> VuemAgentServiceConfigurationHelper.TryUpdateAgentStatistic() : Agent statistic update (InstanceGuid: ea32163b-f7ca-40b7-bf18-64d7bf595622) -> Success
11:09:06 Event -> ConfigurationDataSourcesHelper.CheckBrokerSvcConnection() : Broker Svc Check -> OK
11:09:06 Event -> AgentServiceHelper.OpenDataConnection() : Detected connection security -> Negociated
11:09:06 Event -> VuemAgentServiceConfigurationHelper.ReadRepositorySettings() : Get PrivilegeSettings:3, Rules:0
11:09:06 Event -> VuemAgentServiceConfigurationHelper.ReadRepositorySettings() : Get Process Hierarchy Control Settings:2, Rules:0
11:09:06 Exception -> VuemAgentServiceConfigurationHelper.ReadCentralConfiguration() : Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
11:09:07 Event -> AgentSwitchHelper.ProcessAgentSwitch() : Start processing agent switch.
11:09:07 Event -> AgentSwitchHelper.ProcessAgentSwitch() : Agent switch processing is disabled.

I updated my environment from Citrix VDA 1912CU2 to 1912CU3.

WEM was updated from 2003 to 2106 including DB update as described in the manual.


Any idea where this error/exception "ReadCentralConfiguration()" comes from? What can I do to find out more details or is this error just a bug of version 2106?


Thank you!

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