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Not able to reach the Public Netcaler ADC Interface hosted on Azure from Internet

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Hello All,


I am trying to setup an Netcaler ADC in HA mode in Azure. So various reasons i could not make it accessible from the internet.


Information about the setup


1. Netscaler has 2 vNIC cards (One for NSIP and other SNIP)

2. Netscaler Gateway vServer has a Public IP of 51.x.x.x

3. Azure LB PIP Address - 51.x.x.x (Same IP address as netscaler gateway)

4. ALB FrontEnd IP Config - 51.x.x.x and Backend Pool - 10.172.x.x (SNIP Address of Netscaler's)


I created a Gateway vServer and attached Local authentication to it, but for some reason it is never accessible from the Internet (No error messages - Page cannot be displayed).


Please help me out with the following


1. Since the ALB has the PIP address and translation is being done. Should the Gateway vServer be configured with the Public IP or an internal IP address?

2. Would this setup with 2 NIC card work with No Frontend facing interface?




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