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Server to Client Redirection failing after VDA \ PVS Target upgrade to 1912 LTSR CU3

Candi Franck


As the title suggests, after upgrading our PVS image to 1912 LTSR CU3 (site components are still on 7.15 CU5). Redirection has stopped working. Additionally, an empty "ICA Seamless Host Agent" window pops to the task bar with every published app launch. There is nothing in this window and it can be closed without impacting the running published application. 

I have gone over every regkey and policy setting I know about, I can see the "Citrix VDA-URL-Redirection Helper" is loaded and enabled in the session. I am at a loss here, I have poured over everything multiple times. Just when I think it's working, it fails on the next login. Or, it fails on the first login, then works on the second (for a while but then fails again eventually). Or it works for one user but not another. I also tried building an image with CU2 (per the only feedback I've gotten on my open tickets) that did not work either. SUPER FRUSTRATING! I've had 2 tickets open with support for 2 weeks with no answers.  Hoping someone here has some bright ideas. I feel like it's something simple that I missed... help me out hive mind! 



XenApp 7.15 CU5 (Delivery Controllers, PVS, Director) CU6 on Storefront

VDAs are Server 2016

Those still running 7.15 VDA\PVS Target are working properly.

Upgraded VDAs using 1912 LTSR CU3 are failing.

Hosting published apps only, local profiles, no profile management. 

Workspace is at 1912 CU4 on the clients.

Expected behavior is that browser links clicked inside their main application would be rendered on the local client. 

One other note, on the rare occasion this is working, I noticed that it is not closing the client-side browser windows on exiting the launched application which in turn holds the session open on the server. This is not the case on the 7.15 VDAs.


Update 29JUN2021 - I have verified that redirection is properly configured and working on the 1912 VDA image as long as links are clicked BEFORE the "ICA Seamless Host Agent" spawns. Once that is visible on the taskbar the redirection no longer works. So in the same session I can launch my published app, click a link and it will be redirected, then the agent spawns and the next link I click will not be redirected. Obviously the apps are not designed to launch and quickly click linked content so this agent is breaking redirection for everything in the published app. I suspect this is a child of the shell or Citrix graphics engine but I've yet to be able to find what to kill to get rid of it. (Closing it does not fix redirection either.) If anyone out there has seen this and knows how to get rid of it please share!!!


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Update 22JUL2021 -- Well it took forever but I finally got an answer from Citrix. Somehow during the VDA upgrade, I have no idea how or why, a duplicate entry was made to a regkey. Clearing that up resolve the issue. 


Registry key: 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\AppSetup



Working 7.15 server:  UsrLogon.cmd, cmstart.exe

Broken 1912 server:   UsrLogon.cmd, cmstart.exe,Cmstart.exe


That extra entry was causing the "ICA Seamless Host Agent" to spawn in the user session which in turn somehow broke content redirection (don't really know why, but don't care).

I was able to verify redirection was working properly prior to the agent spawning so had focused on getting rid of that agent instead of fixing redirection.


Fixing the registry key eliminates the agent and redirection is working as expected now.


Stupidly simple fix that took forever to find, ugghh... hopefully can help someone else along the way. 

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