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Upgrade/Rebuild an existing Citrix Xenapp 1909 Environment

Mark Bishop1709159844


Hi All, just a heads up, I'm very new to Citrix, I do have allot of administration knowledge as I've been supporting Citrix Xenapp XenDesktop for around 4 years now. I've facilitated and performed upgrades however when we rebuilt or scaled out I have always engaged with Citrix certified professionals to assist so I wasn't always doing it on my own


I have just started a new job today and they have asked me to rebuild their existing Win 2016 Citrix XenApp 1909 environment  to a newer version 1912 LTSR running on Win 2019. In addition to this they would like to add another Netscaler VPX so they have HA

The environment isn't very big, its hosted in Azure and its a very basic set-up compared to what I was administering previously. It only provides Xenapp (not Xen Desktop) and there are only two applications that are run off two VDAs. Apparently the use of the applications hosted on the VDAs do not warrant building out HA for everything.


The current design is like this:


One Netscaler VPX appliance

One Win 2016 Server for Delivery Controller/StoreFront/WEM/Licensing

One Win 2016 FAS (this is for external access for their customers)

Two Win 2016 VDAs 


What I am planning on doing is basically standing up an entirely new environment along side the existing running on Win 2019 and 1912 LTSR. This will include a new NetScaler VPX as well but when we go live I would like to enable HA so the new and old NetScaler will be used to redirect traffic to the new environment


So the new environment will look like this:


Two NetScaler VPX appliances (New and Old appliance)

One Win 2019 Server for Delivery Controller/StoreFront/WEM/Licensing

One Win 2019 FAS

Two Win 2019 VDAs 


What I need to know is, 1. is this plan ok or should it be done another way? and 2. is there anything I need to lookout for, i.e tips or tricks with the NetScalers, FAS, DC etc


Thanks in advance!



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