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UAC in 2019 vs older server OS's

Sandy Williams


I'm switching to Server 2019 for our images and noticed that when opening command prompt it opens in non-elevated privileges whereas in 2016 or 2012R2 it opens in elevated privilege mode and I can't open in non-elevated.  This behavior extends out to my ICA session when I open a command prompt there.  I just noticed when trying to troubleshoot running 'ctxsession.exe' in 2019 in an ICA session I basically get an access denied error but in prior OS's I get the proper output.  Running ctxsession.exe in 2019 with an elevated command prompt the command produces the correct output.  


Other than this being a nuisance for me personally when troubleshooting via ICA..  I'm not sure if this UAC thing will present itself a problem with running daily production tasks for users..  still in the process of testing all apps with 2019.


BTW - I have UAC 'disabled' in my image and same GPO's apply to 2019 and 2016

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Normal behavior is that you can open cmd without elevation. There are a few ways to get cmd always with elevation. Why your 2016 and 2012R2 image is like it is .. I really don't know :-) 


You should also consider your decision about UAC. Usually it's not a good idea to turn it off. There are several reasons, read that: Windows UAC - Why You Shouldn't Turn It Off : sysadmin (reddit.com)

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