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Error converting the disk from a sparse VMDK to a flat VMDK

Kevin Miller


Hello all, I would appreciate any help you may have.


We are testing app layering with a VMware 7.0.1 connector. Whenever we add an application layer or add a version to our 2019 or 20H1 OS layers it fails with the following error:


2021-06-17 07:46:21,550 INFO    [52]        DeployPackagingDis: status for CpTask 25548868, status Uploading Server 2019Boot.vmdk:  97% (11100 of 11342 MB)
2021-06-17 07:46:31,567 INFO    [52]        DeployPackagingDis: status for CpTask 25548868, status Converting the disk from a sparse VMDK to a flat VMDK:  0%
2021-06-17 07:46:51,750 ERROR   [52]        CpTaskResultMessag: Got Error type GlobalizedError. FailureReason: vCenter returned an error: InvalidArgument. Details: No extra details found.


Does anyone have an idea what this might be? I have a support ticket in with Citrix but so far they have nothing.


Thanks in advance.



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Thanks,  We have both offload compositing and cache turned off with this test.


Ironically when we have Offload compositing enabled it has a different error. The VM boots but throws the following error: (I also included a screen shot)


Startup task Uni.Appliance.Contracts.CompositingEngine.StartupTasks.RegisterWithElm failed: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network



Looks like the VM is trying to open a connection to port 65530 on the ELM. Perhaps this related to my original question?


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