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ADC VPX Kerberos Cache issue

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I got a problem with the kerberos cache in a ADC VPX Appliance. 

We got a LB for a single server. This LB got a authenticationpolicy pointing to a AAA-server with 401 based authentication. This aaa got a session policy with a kcd account.

The application behind the LB needs "negotiate" authentication. 


Everything works fine, the aaa sends a 401 to the client, it responses and the session policy successfully authenticates the user agains the service behind the LB.


Now the problem: Sometimes the authentication won't work after it worked for a while. I have to submit


 nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys call=ns_aaa_flush_kerberos_tickets


after that everything works as expected. I can't find any problem in the ns.log.


Is there a way to autopurge those tickets? Or any other idea?


Best regards




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For everyone trying to figure that out:

We found that while Netscaler trying to get the kerberos ticket, it doesn't seem to obey its ad-site and just picking one entry from the dns for its dc.

We forced netscaler with

add dns srvRec _kerberos._tcp.vlab.ctx dc.vlab.ctx -priority 0 -weight 100 -port 88

to a dc in its site and everything startet working perfectly.




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