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connection via netscaler

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Do you mean when connecting to your Citrix Gateway VIP - and authenticating, you then get the above error? so the Gateway logon screen appears in all browsers?


What do the developer tools tell you?


I assume you've cleared the cache and tried in incognito mode also?


Anything strange in terms of the ciphers enabled and in use? 


Have you run a scan such as qualys labs, which will give you a good insight into connection attempts from different devices/OS versions etc?

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Which version of firmware?  

And does your gateway have any epa scans or user-agent checks in place?


Also did you mean IE (classic) or Edge (new)?  Because if so, it may be that the vpn vserver is using old ciphers/protocols supported by the old IE and what you are really seeing are chrome and firefox are likely current/new browsers rejecting it?  

So, check your firmware version and the ssl parameters or ssl profile of the vpn vserver (and/or cs vserver if in use) and confirm ssl/tls protocols in use AND cipher lists.




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