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1 Master Image Shared Between 2 Clusters



We are looking at redesigning how we have Citrix structured in our VMware environment and going from 1 cluster stretching across both data centers to 2 separate clusters (1 for each of our data centers). I have been able to set up multiple hosting connections….one to each new cluster and we have clustered the storage too which went fine but when coming to create the Machine Catalogs it only shows the master image on the cluster it lives on.....as expected. 


I have done some research on the internet and Citrix forums and each time this has come up it basically boils down to I would have to have a master image living on each cluster which effectively would double my work each time I applied updates or new software.


Does anyone have any ideas or know of any official supported ways that we can use 2 clusters and share the 1 master image that we have now?



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