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Bug after Upgrade

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Your scenario isn't completely clear; please share more info on exactly what you did when it failed and what you tried afterwards. See if the following information clarifies anything.


1) Did synchronization fail after upgrading only NS2 and NS1 was not upgraded (they were still on different builds) or after upgrading both (and they were now back on same builds)?

If during the upgrade, synchronization is usually suspended while the nodes are on different builds and won't resume until after both upgrades are complete.

If both nodes were upgraded and synchronization failed, then there may be a bug OR an issue with the rpc node settings after upgrade.


2) If you try to recreate the ha pair while your nodes are on two different builds, then that will also not work.

To create an ha pair, both nodes have to be on the same exact build. After the ha pair is created, they can be on different builds as part of upgrade/downgrade processes.

Now, if they are on the same build and the ha pair creation is failing, then there may be account permissions/rpc node or other settings that are a factor (and it might be bug related); but I would suspect they were on different builds first.

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Could also be an issue where TLS1.2 was not enabled on the internal services for Secure RPC, which prevented the sync and propagation from working correctly, I have seen this after some upgrades within the 13.0 major release, 


Also, I think Secure RPC is enabled by default after some of the firmware upgrades, so if your RPC nodes were not using Secure RPC beforehand, maybe the secure ports were blocked between the nodes, which means you'd need to either open the ports, or set the nodes to be non-secure once more, 


But as Rhonda said, more info is needed, as it could be any number of reasons, would certainly need to do a lot of troubleshooting first, and delete the secondary node only as a last resort, 



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