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Quickest, easiest way to convert classic policies/expressions to Advanced

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Hi all,


as we know with the CVE report released last week a number of new builds have been released to patch this, but with that in mind it seems some of the functionality and deprecation of classic policies/expressions has found its way into the latest 12.1 builds which in turn breaks config following upgrade,


I thought this wasn’t coming until major release 13.1 


so with this in mind, is there any way to convert classic policies and expressions to advanced or is nspepi the best method?


as to support advanced auth we need to have AAA in place and configured, which can be quite a bit of extra config just to upgrade and get things working,


and as far as I am aware nspepi will convert the policies and so on, but the additional config and applying policies etc is manually done,


not to mention upgrade of license if customer is not on minimum 13.0 build to support AAA on standard licensing,


some customers don’t have test environments to test all of this with so it’s kind of making changes on the fly in production, albeit in maintenance window,


any best practices or suggestions?


thanks in advance

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