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Netscaler Gateway: RDP-Proxy not working with Windows Server 2016 Connection Broker

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Hello all,


I've setup a Citrix ADC with RDP-Proxy in combination with a MS Session Broker (Windows 2016). I have gone through multiple internet articles to setup everything up:


But I have got it quit working properly.  My deployment now is:

  • LB virtual server fot the backend RDS services.
  • The bookmarks point to the LB virtual server
    • bound to AAA-Group and authorization policy
    • Method least connection\persistence None
  • NSAG virtual server without a RDS server profile 
    • session profile  which contains the RDP client profile 
    • traffic profile to disable SSO (Received an internal error as occurred launching the RDP file


When there is only one server in the RDS collection everything goes as excepted, but when there is more than (for example 2) is 50 % change connection wil work. In the eventviewer of the connection broker. I can see that the session is getting redirect:

RD Connection Broker received connection request for user <domain\user>. 
Hints in the RDP file (TSV URL) = tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.TestCollection 
Initial Application = NULL 
Call came from Redirector Server = <FQDN RDS server> 
Redirector is configured as Farm member
RD Connection Broker successfully processed the connection request for user <domain\user>. Redirection info: 
Target Name = <RDS server> 
Target IP Address = <IP address>
Target Netbios = <NETBIOS RDS server>
Target FQDN = <FQDN RDS server>
Disconnected Session Found = 0x0

and in ns.log I see the connection reset message. This is when RDP file is try to open\activate the session


The error message in the ns.log picture is "Received Reset - Peer:<Client IP:Port> - Local:<NSAG IP:443>" and "GMT Connection Duration:00:00:05  Application Data Bytes Sent:1679 Application Data Bytes Received:1271 Connection Terminated"


Even if I have a disconnected session is 50% change the re-connect of connect will not working.


Hope someone as fixed or knows what I am doing wrong?


Thans a lot in advance and best regards


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Hi Charl Janga, 


I had the same issue as you described. 

The solution is easy. 


To reconnect to your existing session, you need the feature rdp redirection. 


You only can activate this feature, if you configure a session profile, bind it to your virtual gw server and enable RDP Redirection there. 




This way it worked for me. 

I hope I could help you


Best Regards


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