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Citrix workspace freezes monitor after around 11 minutes

Ajay Verma


I am facing an issue when launching the virtual desktop using Citrix workspace app.
I am able to connect to virtual desktop by launching Citrix work space from my client computer (Windows 10 with latest version of Citrix workspace) but after around 11 minutes, the monitor freezes and I cannot do anything. But at the behind virtual desktop is running fine. I just have to disconnect and connect again.
I observed that Client Connection Status windows doesn't receive any incoming bytes after around 11 minutes as shown in the attached image.

I am struggling with this issue since last 2 days, I tried multiple thing like install/uninstall Citrix Receiver/Workspace of different versions.


Is there any settings or client software that needs to be install?

Any help is going to be appreciated.


Thank you,

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Since the problem always comes after 11 minutes, I would probably do a process monitor log and start the log at minute 10 and then wait until the issue happens and note the exact time.Then let's see what the VDA is doing.


Can you try a different client (just to rule out something strange with the device)?



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Receiving reports of the same issue and have a case open with Citrix currently. Other users on the VDA are fine, seems to only affect a few users. It's almost as if session reliability is trying to kick in .... but never does. For other people, no issues. SSL VDA's, Netscaler for external, direct to SF for internal. Did anyone find a fix?

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