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Free up space on Citrix ADC; clean up directories

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I believe I have files that were uploaded to my ADC when we first had a consultant install it. Ever since I have been upgrading and maintaining it but I've noticed a number of files that are very dated and wondering if these were carried over from when it was first installed and if I can delete them. I already cleaned up the nsinstaller directory of any older firmware versions. I noticed a lot of files in the nslog directory. I am sure these are the actual traffic and whatnot logs and that is up to me if I want to purge some of that data. 


I'd appreciate any insight into some of these files/folders on the root directory. Thanks.




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As your screenshot shows a file called .snap I'm assuming you mean the root of the file system rather than the directory called /root that also exists on the ADC(!)

As an output of files in root, it looks like someone has unpacked a firmware bundle there instead of the recommended method of creating a specific directory and unpacking into that prior to a firmware upgrade.  (I recognise the certs, rpm files etc).

I would not expect many files in root.  E.g. the contents from 3 different builds:


With only a couple of hidden files/directories in each.


It looks like some files have already been deleted.  I would have expected to see files with names like 'ns-<build-number>-nitro-java.tgz'.

Best advice I can give is look in the .ns.version file in your screenshot for a clue as to the unpacked firmware version.

Find it again (download it if still available, or it might still be somewhere on your NetScaler as a .tar or .tgz file.

Unpack it to a directory to view all the files and compare/remove the files off root that match those from the firmware bundle.

If you have a method of backing up the device beforehand, do so!  




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