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NTUSER.DAT & VDA what happened to my shortcut ?





We have Citrix 7.15.6 and citrix WEM. (Advanced Settings / Cleanup Actions / Delete Desktop Shortcuts is un-set)


We have around 20 servers in our catalog and we have the ad-attributes : user profil for remote session (terminalservicesprofilepath)


When I connect a new user to the citrix server n°1 and set personnalized my dsektop when I reconnect to the server all my icon are correclty re-set at their location. And in the "terminalservicesprofilepath" I can found NTUSER.DAT.


But If I try to connect to citrix server n°2 all the icon are set to the default location, and if I personnalized again they are correctly saved.


And on citrix 1 I have a different desktop then citrix 2.


Maybe I'm wrong with something ? Maybe this is how ntuser.dat work (saving for each computer the desktop location of icons and other stuffs)



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