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Workcenter App & Receiver mega slow - not useable

ch be


Hello Citrix Forum,


I have some wired problems with the citrix receiver and with citrix workspace app.


Every Citrix Application which will be started by opening the ica files is mega slow. The reaction to a mouse click takes 3-6 seconds and the whole windows is freeze during these seconds. This happens every time as soon as the app is loaded. Does not matter which app it is. Word, Notepad, SAP, PowerPoint, even any browser from the citrx environment is showing the same issues.

When I use the Lightversion in the browser, everything works fine.


The weird part beside the waiting/freeze times is, that I keep having this problem although I reinstalled windows completely. Even a change of my laptop didn't change anything regarding my problems.


My setup is maybe not so common. MacBook Pro 19" 2019, Win 10 pro via Parallels.

After receiver a new MacBook I formatted the old one and installed only MacOS without any virtualization of windows. In this case, Citrix Receiver and Workspace works fine under MacOS.

On my current MacBook or on the MacBook where Parallels (maybe parallels is the problem?)  is running, Receiver and workspace keeps having the issues whether running on windows or in macOS. 


I tried to analyse the problem several times in the past 6 years, without any success. 


Does anyone have an idee how to solve or to get near to the problem? Can I provide log, files or other data to help analysing?

I tires many different version of both apps. Currently Receiver is installed.


Best Regards,



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