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Limit application instance to 1 user per server


Can application instance published on Virtual Apps 1912 be limited to 1 instance per user per server ? 

From reading similar posts there doesn't seem to be an easy option for scenario where a user can launch only 1 application instance on a single server. 


I know I can via powershell set MaxPerMachineInstance which limits the maximum allowed concurrently running instances of the application that an individual machine can have but this will stop other users from running the same application on that server. 


I can also set MaxPerUserInstance but this will stop the same user from running the same application on other servers. 


I can also set application in Studio to limit to one instance per user but this will limit application to single instance in delivery at the time. 


Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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Thanks Raghu, 

I did go over this doc prior to posting here but none of the solutions meet my requirements.

 - One instance of the application per user in the delivery group - will prevent user from starting the same application on other servers in delivery group

 - The maximum number of concurrent instances of the application per machine (PowerShell only) - will prevent other users from starting the same application on the same server. 


Another option would be to publish the same application as many times as servers in delivery group and tag each app to specific server.  Not a viable solution in environment with hundreds of apps and servers. 


Option to limit application to one instance per user per server should be out of the box. 




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