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Citrix License Monitoring using WMI



I'm using the following PowerShell script to monitor the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop licenses with WMI:

Get-WmiObject -class "Citrix_GT_License_Pool" -Namespace "ROOT\CitrixLicensing" -ComputerName "<COMPUTERNAME>" | Out-String


Using this script I get several information about the licenses, e.g. the usage and the SubscriptionDate.

Now I have installed new licenses which are displayed in Citrix Studio as type "Eypiring Retail". These licenses also have a Subscription Advantage Date, but also an Expiration Date:



Now I would like to monitor this Expiration Date, but I can't find this information in the output of the PowerShell script. The only difference I can see between these two licenses is, that the SubscriptionDate for the licenses with Expiration Date is displayed with 9999 for the year:



For the licenses without an Expiration Date the Subscription Date is displayed correctly:



Is there any possibility to monitor the Expiration Date of the licenses?


regards, Patrick

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