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CTXS.ExtensionAPI.showMessage okAction CTXS.ExtensionAPI.openUrl

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I am trying to use CTXS.ExtensionAPI.showMessage to put up disclaimer/dialogue box before storefront logon but after Gateway logon. However, when the end user clicks the okButton, I would like for the okAction to be opening another URL such as with  CTXS.ExtensionAPI.openUrl. I've not been able to make this work so far. 


My objective is to retire a legacy Citrix Gateway by sending the end user to another CG URL via a button click after the end user is informed what is happening and why via the 'messageText' box. Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Don't bother with CTXS.ExtensionAPI.openUrl ... just use a simple JavaScript function:

// when users click OK, they will be redirected to this site
function newSite() {

CTXS.Extensions.beforeLogon = function (callback) {
    doneClickThrough = true;
        messageTitle: "Please update your bookmarks!",
        messageText: "The site for this feature has changed to <a href='http://www.google.com/'>Google</a>. You will now be redirected.",
        okButtonText: "OK",
        okAction: newSite


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