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Up/Down arrow menu items missing from application menu

Dan Lowe


We have an application which has a Lookup menu within the application menu options; that Lookup menu has 37 menu items. When the user is using Xen Desktop to maximize their Citrix desktop - but not actually maximizing the application within Windows itself - the older version (built using Delphi 7) presents an Up arrow menu item at the top and a Down arrow menu item at the bottom, which the user can use to scroll the 'missing' menu items in to (or out of) view, and the menu fits within the constraints of the desktop citrix window. However, when running our newer version (built using Delphi 10.4.3), these Up/Down arrow items do not appear, and instead the last menu item looks visually like the next to the last item - displaying its caption - but behaves like the Down arrow; as the menu is scrolled in this mode, the menu selections are misinterpreted and execute options belonging to other menu items. Any ideas as to any way(s) this can be fixed?



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I have added screen shots of the menu under the older vs. the newer application.
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