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Cutting off non-optimized Microsoft Teams

Mick Hilhorst


Hi All,

I have had multiple customers now that implemented Microsoft Teams HDX optimization with(out) my help.
The problem I'm facing is that there is no apparent way of declining Teams sessions that are not optimized on Citrix.
This would be a problem in case a company uses 'BYOD', or only partially manages the devices.
The second they log on with an outdated workspace client (receiver even maybe), the optimization will not start, and the CPU will be draining once these users set up a call.

A couple of things I already thought of:

EPA: The problem here is the intrusion on the login and the fact that not everybody meets the base requirements.

WEM: use wem for max CPU throttle

VDA: Create separate delivery groups, one for users with teams and one without teams.

Device Redirection: Currently testing with this to see if device redirection can be blocked for 'generic' Citrix sessions but allowed through Teams HDX offloading. 

However, none of these solutions are clean. 

Just wanted to check in and hear if you thought of any clever ways.

Kind Regards,

Mick Hilhorst

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