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Maximum Time Layer Can Be Open Without Finalizing and Maximum Number of Open Layers

Bryant Irwin


I'm looking into automating some of my app layering and it looks like the maximum time that a layer can be open without finalizing is about 3 days.  Can I get a confirmation on that?  I can't seem to find it in any documentation.  If it is 3 days, is there anyway to change it to a length of time of my choosing? 


Also wondering if there's a maximum number of open layers at one time?  I tried with 14  layers and didn't seem to hit any walls.  Just wanted to make sure there's not a one lurking for me anywhere. 


My goal is to open a bunch of layers on Monday mornings around 5AM via powershell script and then let the owners of those applications make any changes during the working hours for the week.  Come Friday at 5PM, if those application owners haven't hit the finalize buttons on the desktops, I'd like the layers to be blown away. 

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