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ERROR: This VM does not have a IP address due to one of the following reasons

idbirouk faysal


please can you help me for fix this


ERROR: This VM does not have a IP address due to one of the following reasons:
     1) No network interface found,
     2) No valid IP address received from DHCP.
To add a network interface:
    1) Shutdown the VM,
    2) Add a network interface to the VM,
    3) Start the VM.
To configure a static IP:
    1) Login to the VM Console,
       NOTE: Default password for the user 'root' is '123456' and it is recommended that the default password is modified after you login.
    2) Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to have correct IP address, Network Mask and Broadcast address,
    3) Restart the VM.

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I guess I need to back up and ask some environment questions. Is this a new server ? Standalone or a pool ? 

Do you have other VM's operational on the server ? Is it just Linux VM's or does Windows VM's work okay ? 

For your Linux VM is it just DHCP that isn't working ? Does a static IP address work ?  With the description 

its hard to tell if you are having a VM configuration Ubuntu issue or an issue with XenServer and how it is

connected to your network.



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If you aren't getting an IP address with your network assigned to the VM you likely need to contact

your provider to see how that is done. Since this is an instance online there is probably some sort

of portal you need to log into and configure I'm assuming. You could import a Linux Live CD and 

see if that grabs an IP address to verify. I thought Web Self Service was deprecated long ago ? 

Also, this is XenServer 6.5 ? That also was deprecated some time ago. I think its more of a configuration

with your provider than a XenServer issue. 



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