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Custom LogOff button on Store Header

Ronny Pettersson

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Hi Ronny,


You can trigger the StoreFront logoff by leveraging the logoff option in the menu.

When you create the button/hyperlink on the header, give it an ID (e.g. #logoff):

var $logoff = $("<div id='logoff'>LOG OFF</div>");

 Then add a click event referencing the logoff DIV in the menu:


Please note that this is StoreFront version dependent, as the DIV tags do change.

The above tag is for StoreFront 3.12.5000 



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Hi, Ronny and Sam.

Thanks for the great example.


Can you help me to see where I can put your code? Style.css or Script.js.

I disabled the menu from the store by editing Style.css, because simple users don´t need access to the settings and about function.

I tried to use this code but I need more data;


CTXS.ExtensionAPI.addLogoutButton = function onClick() {

CTXS.ExtensionAPI.logoffAction= logoff;




The logoff option would be perfect to be there but I don´t know how to leave it only. 


Your example will help me to 


I will try my luck here ?



Receiver for web - Settings.png

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