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WEM : Apply uppercase modification on Dynamic token result

Laurent PLGY




In my company, usernames always begin by a site code on 5 digits.

I'm using Dynamics tokens to extract this site code from usernames and I use it to modity an INI file. Exact chain is #Left(##UserName##,5)#

It works fine, but in some cases, if the user enter his username in lowerCase when opening the session, the INI file is modified with a lowercase value.

As the application based on this INI file is case sensitive, the operation fails.

So, for the moment, I can't use INI file modification with WEM, I'm using a powershell script as external task.


Is there a way to force Dynamic Token to apply Uppercase ?

As it's based on Powershell, I tried some modification as #Left(##UserName##,5).ToUpper()#, and some others chains, without success. I didn't find information for this topic in the documentation.


Is it possible ? If yes, how ?

Many thanks,



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