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RAM Usage causing crash after reconfiguring folder redirection for profiles

Chris King1709162761


Hi fellow Citrix admins,

We are having some issues with RAM usage on our two terminal servers after migrating our profile redirection to another file server.

Let me explain: we have a citrix environment with two forefront severs and two terminal servers. Our 150 users logon via citrix netscaler. This setup has been running for many years without any issues. We use profile folder redirection per GPO for our users and have changed the settings, pointing to a newer fileserver. We have also configured the GPO to migrate the profiles from the old file server to the new one. So far so good!

One day after changing these settings, the RAM usage for some Office 2016 (Word, Outlook) apps for some users (not all). increases until the server hangs, due to lack of memory. Although the profiles have been successfully migrated, some apps are trying to access to old file server.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



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