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Netscaler shows wrong or no Data under "Established client connections"


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Hi guys,

i noticed that since a few months (Mach)there is no more data for the "Established client connections"



or in the dashboard a value of over 4 billion is displayed.






The last correct dates are from March 24 




Does anyone know the problem or knows a solution 



Many Thanks 


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Are other metrics reported in the dashboard and only this one is missing?

Which firmware version are you on?  And license level.

And is this for lb traffic or vpn vserver connections?

This article might have some troubleshooting info:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX109304


If  this is the ADC Dashboard, metrics gathered here are from nslog (/var/nslog/newnslog and generated by nsconmsg).

If it is just this metric failing and not others, there may be an issue with the component and you might have to go to support if no one on the forums have more specific information.

If all metrics are failing, then there still might be a bug but there may have been changes made to the local nslog logging parameters (System > auditing; then show nslog parameters right pane).  


If its the ADC Reporting tab, this data is gathered by nscollect (every 5 minutes). And a couple of things can result in it no longer gathering data. (Still might require support to troubleshoot/resolve).

Again, is it just one metric failing or all metrics stopped reporting?

Was an upgrade performed near this change in behavior (and which version were you and on vs. on now)?

Reporting Tab troubleshooting:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX213837

Issues could be simple nscollect process isn't running or something wrong with its "database".

If issue is build specific, you will need support.


But this may help you with next steps.  But post firmware and if the two articles don't help; call support as its likely a firmware issue.




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checkout this twitter post, as I‘ve discussed this already. Mostly it‘s related to adc firmware and TLS Versions and SSL Cipher Groups - did you changed anything since the last correct timestamp of client connections?



Hope this helps identifying your problem.

Best Regards


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sorry for the late reply

A lot of work 



An MPX 5910 + Platinum licence is used.
The problem occurred with different firmware versions, currently 13.0 82.41
Therefore I do not think it is a build problem.

A reboot fixes the problem for a few weeks.

Thanks for your Twitter post, the problem is pretty much described here. I have also noticed that after a reboot the error does not occur for a while. 

I haven't gotten around to completely disabling TLS 1.0 support on every active vServer (some vServers are manually configured and don't use a profile). 

I'll let you know when I'm through. I would just like to understand why this led to the solution in the tweet.


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Ok, so if it gathers data and then stops. Depending on whether it is dashboard or reporting tab will determine which article is most relevant, but there may be something with the collection process stopping after a while; which is why the reboot fixes it.


More than likely this would require a bug report to support to see if an unreported issue or if there is a fix later on.  For the report/nscollect process, I think the article includes  a service "restart" step that may help you resume reporting without the reboot.  But it sounds like a process issue that might be bug related.  But see that "reporting" troubleshooting article I linked for any relevant info.


But I think support is your next point of follow up, depending on what that article shows. Good luck thought.  (Also, be sure you are looking at primary as I think reporting will only occur on primary appliance in ha pair.)

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