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Powerstate "Unknown" after rebooting XenServer

Tim Roumlser


Hi Folks, 


i have the following issue: 


every time i restart a XenServer from XenCenter and start the machines on that hypervisor afterwards these machines are showing up in Director and Studio as a Powerstate "Unknown" which results in this Machines not getting any user session. 


I can resolve this by  reentering the password for this Host in Studio under Configuration>Hosting. After that i takes about 1 minute until the powerstat is correct again and the Servers start getting Sessions. 


Hopefully one of you can help me resolve this Issue :10_wink: - i also have an open case with citrix and will update if i get any resulutions!



CVAD 1912 CU2 

PVS 1912 CU2

XenServer 8.2

Windows Server 2019

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So my Case is closed with a Featurerequest - its a "Problem by Design" the Studio makes some attemts to reconnect and then stops trying so you have to start it by your self again by restarting the broker service or reentering the password in your Hosting connection.


maybe we'lll get a solution in an upcoming update :26_nerd:

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yeah restarting the Broker Service works for me too but i wish it would just reconnect automatically ... i also have a case on this issue and will put my results in here if i get some..


i just found out that restarting the toolstack on XenServer results in the same Problem. 


thanks for your tipps already :10_wink:

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