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Enable ActiveSync access through ADC

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ActiveSync is not supported for MFA anyways as far as I know.

Basically you should configure pre-authentication (401 based) for Active Sync and publish it with Content Switching module and appropriate policies.

Depending if you already have Exchange services published through ADC, you will also need to publish autodiscover most likely.


Please note, that Microsoft says it doesn't support any form of proxy/pre-authentication in front of any Exchange service EXCEPT /owa.

Haven't had any issues so far though

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this is a bit old but i think it is still applicable. you basically need an AAA vServer where you bind an LDAP policy to it. then you create a dedicated LB vServer for only activesync and configure the "authentication" tab to do 401-based authentication and select your AAA vServer you created earlier. then (at least i would do it like that) you should create a content switching virtual server where you bind a policy for active sync (for example, http.req.hostname.eq.set_text_mode(ignorecase).eq("exchange.yourdomain.com") && http.req.url.set_text_mode.ignorecase.startswith("microsoft-server-activesync") and put an action for your lb vserver behind it.

this will make your clients requesting activesync towards your content switch to go to the authentication lb vserver.

if you need to troubleshoot authentication issues on netscaler you can always look into aaad.debug log (shell on CLI -> # cat /tmp/aaad.debug)

but there should be plenty guides for this kind of configuration, as it is rather common

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