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Enable SharePoint/Exchange SSO via bookmark on ADC

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What exactly do you mean as clientless bookmark? 

Unified Gateway mode with clientless access where you create bookmarks and your clients log in to the htm5 portal where they can click "OWA" or "SharePoint" bookmark?


if yes: it shouldn't be that much different from a standard SP/Exchange Publishing. But you can only publish web-services, you probably won't be able to connect your Outlook-Client over unified gateway for example.


configration wise: depends what exactly you want, but usually you "just" need to create appropriate session profiles or traffic profiles to achieve SSO towards SP / Exchange. 

For OWA there is already a pre-configured Frame you can use ("Mail" you need to fill in when creating the session profile), but there is a LOT to consider regarding access control etc., you should work with authorization policies and AAA groups if you need to split bookmark availability for different AD-groups.


Depending on how good you are with netscaler in general, you can use Unified Gateway Wizard on Netscaler (which I don't recommend, because you don't really know what's happening and probably need to edit a lot of these pre-configured settings afterwards). If you know what you are doing, create everything on your own.


Refer to https://www.carlstalhood.com/category/netscaler/netscaler-12/netscaler-gateway-12/ 

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