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Strange logins


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So I have inherited various environments with different DDC's, STF's and NS's.

I have a question on what might be different as I like "standards."


So some of the NS gateways require and email to login while the others require a username only.

What can I look at on what I assume is the NS's?

I would like either usernames across all environments or emails but not both.



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Your Authentication policies (usually the LDAP) ones will have a user name (or login) parameter that is either sAMAccountName (for username) or userPrincipalName for UPN format.

If you are also using client certs for some or other access points, then this may drive the UPN vs. sAMAccountName.


But in general, look at the authentication policies assigned to the vpn vserver for authentication types (ldap, cert, radius and others).

Or check the authentication vserver (if using the advanced engine) for types of authentication policies bound.


Then determine which authentication types you can standardize.

Then verify the storefront and gateway agree.


ADFS or cross-domain may result in the gateway and CVAD environment being configured for saml/adfs or others. This may affect your options.

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