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Disabling windows defender to get certain programs to run properly in AppLayering?

Darin McClain


First I thought this was a defender issue (like a definition update), because it came out of nowhere and affected 3 different programs; I hadn't done any new images or recomposing at the time. However, after some testing to find it works fine outside of applayering, I figured I'd start by posting here. These 3 programs will not operate in our environment unless defender is turned off, but this is only the case when logged in as a domain user. This behavior does not occur on the linked clones (or published image) when logged in as the local administrator, or as another local user. As a test, I joined the published image to the domain, and the issue occurred when I logged in as a domain user (same on a linked clone machine of course). So it appears the issue only presents itself when other app layers are present, or it's the user layer aspect. I tried ejecting all elastic layers, that did not effect it. I also logged in as the same user a second time so it wouldn't mount my user layer, the issue still occurred. The affected programs I've found, so far, are Adobe InDesign, Accutrack & SAS.


Any thoughts? haha. This is a weird one. If I can't find a solution, I may have to try to set Defender to ignore the AppData\local\temp directories these programs use. That also fixes these programs.



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We had similar issues with Adobe Indesign, Windows Defender, and user/elastic layering. We found it linked to Indesign DBTmp### files which are created at open and can be found in the local user temp folder and local app data folder for Indesign

Setting an exclusion for these files in Defender can help resolve the issue. Or you can disable real time protection within defender. Or alternatively you can disable user and elastic layering all together on your image template and use a different solution for your user profile needs such as FSlogix

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