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Bloked GET and allow to especific IP

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Hello Everyone,


1. We have a website published on netscaler that prohibits any url that contains the GET option.
2. Can I allow only 1 ip if I have the GET in the URL to be directed to the server and the others not?


Can Anybody help me about this?





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Configure a responder policy to DROP all traffic where http.req.method.set_text_mode(ignorecase).eq("get") && !client.ip.src.eq(<allowed ip>)

If you don't want any traffic get or post hitting this site; then just filter on !<client ip> aka not client ip.


add responder policy rs_pol_dropgets_wipexception  'http.req.method.set_text_mode(ignorecase).eq("get") && !client.ip.src.eq(x.x.x.x)' DROP


Bind to the appropriate lb vserver.


For the expression, please note:

Any GET Request from all IPS that are NOT <client ip> above, will be DROPPED.

Any non-get request will be allowed from every ip. (not filtered)




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