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Always on SSL VPN connected Client Machine wants to run Bridged Virtual Machine

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Howdy All,


Not sure if its possible or not, just wanted to ask the question.  We are running ADC 13.x currently. We have configured the Always ON VPN Tunnels for our users, with local LAN Access, IP Pools for local addressing etc.  Everything works as expected from that Point.  We have some users that, when on the previous solution (CISCO) were able to start a local Virtual Machine on their device and operate via bridged networking.  However, this does not seem possible on the SSL VPN Tunnel.  Is there a way to make it happen, or its just something that wont get working? 


We can connect using hosts IP address, however that then causes issues with SCCM and management of the device.


Anyone tried getting a VM running while host connected to SSL VPN Tunnel?

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