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Printing on local printer from Mac

Andrew Mellor


Read a few things about this, nothing really covers this particular scenario.


We have a client who connects from a Mac to apps and desktops hosted on Windows machines. They have a local printer that they need to use to print barcodes from Sage running in the Citrix session. We have UPD enabled but not enforced. The actual Windows driver for the printer (a DYMO LabelWriter 450) is installed on each of the VDAs, but the specific driver does not get used, and the standard HP 2800 PS driver is leveraged by Citrix UPD as per https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX140208 - the printer is pulled through from the Mac OK, and is available for use by the user using the UPD.


The problem stems from the local printer using a form size (a label) that isn't allowed by the 2800 driver. The form is defined on each of the VDAs -  it's "11354 Multi-Purpose", 57.2x31.8mm. I've tried adding a custom form with the same details -  it isn't made available in the print dialog. A "custom" option is available, but the minimum size is much larger than the label needed.


Am I flogging a dead horse here, or is there a potential solution available to me? It's probably more of a Windows question to be honest. We *might* be able to share it from a local PC instead of a Mac, but that's not ideal. Additional complications are that two AD domains are in play, and that the office involved is in Abu Dhabi and we're in the UK.


VDAs are 2012R2,

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Probably not the answer you are looking for, but in these cases I've found it best to have the label printers shared through a printserver directly.


Use an ethernet to USB print server like this one.



I used dlink network print servers in the past but they had a tendancy to get fried, when users mistakenly attached power supply from the printer to the printserver. Not sure which product works best these days.

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the usual solution is to configure print policy for driver mapping. See the steps below and check if you can get it working. 


Steps to use native drivers and Mac/Linux clients

  1. Determine most common printer model used by Mac users, and download its most compatible windows print driver.
  2. Identify a test VDA which can be used without other users
  3. Install the windows print driver download in step 1 on this test VDA
  4. Create specific policy to be applied to that VDA
  5. Set “Printer auto-creation event log preference” to “Log errors and warnings”
  6. Set “Universal print driver usage” to “Use only printer model specific drivers”
  7. Launch an ICA session from MAC client, and monitor event logs for errors, and see which printer driver name is mentioned
  8. Create an additional policy setting to be applied to that VDA, setting “Printer driver mapping and compatibility”
  9. Driver name is what is identified in step 5 from event logs
  10. Select “replace with” and click “Find Driver”
  11. “Use this computer” and connect to the test VDA
  12. Apply the policy, refresh policy on the test VDA, reboot test VDA (or clear all user sessions from test VDA)
  13. Launch an ICA session from MAC client again, printer should be mapped, test printing functionality



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