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Capture Throughput for reporting

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I would like to report on the ADC throughput as our Data Centers merge.


I'm wondering if the 'Megabits received vs. transmitted' report is the truest report of bandwidth usage for the ADC? This report doesn't seem to match the spikes I see on some ADCs.


What I would love to capture is the Throughput from the Dashboard tab and/or the Throughput Stats from the CLI from the 'stat ns' cmd.


I've tried to capture some data via nitro but those numbers dont seem to add up when I convert bytes to megabytes.








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Hi Chad,


The throughput you see on the dashboard or CLI is a near-realtime usage, collected every 7 sec, therefore usage peaks are more prominent.

The graphs in the reports tab average-out the peaks. The min sample is 5min (in the Last Hour scale). If you compare Last-hour to Last-Month you'll notice the peaks are lower. That's because they are averaged on larger periods.

If you want to use the APIs, I think you can get the dashboard value using this one:  http://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/stat/ns




Rate (/s) counter for totrxmbits



Rate (/s) counter for tottxmbits


Hope it helps.

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Hi @Chad Buser1709151885


When I used the above nitro URL, it prompts me for credentials. Upon authenticating, it says {errorcode: 0, "message":"Done", "severity":"NONE","ns":{}}

Can you confirm what is the netscaler version that you tried the above command in?

However, if I only use, http://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/stat/ns, I am able to see the data. But when I use the attributes it is failing.

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