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HELP! excel ODBC date value causing error when using citrix virtual app

Luke Yuan


Hi All,


When user connects via citrix and opens an excel file and via ODBC connection to submit a date value to SQL to retrieve data, if it contains '0' in month it gets sent as a 'space' value.  This problem is intermittent and is only happening when user connects via citrix.  We've done the followings and so far have not resolve the issue:


1) Ensure all citrix servers' date format is set to yyyymmdd

2) For validation purpose, we'd assigned the specific user to connect to the designated citrix server to narrow the issue

3) User opens file manager>open excel file> input a date value (e.g. 2021/05/24) to retrieve data from SQL> and ODBC connection with no issue.  However, under the same connection, user closes the excel app/file, and run the same file  > input  date value (e.g. 2021/05/24) > ODBC returns error because of date format.

4) sometimes the date format error appears and sometimes it does not.  #3 is a scenario when it works the first time but not second time under the same citrix connection.


We identified the odbc date error was caused by it sends a blank space '_5' rather than '05' as the month value by checking on our applications server.  


Have anyone encounter similar scenario and/or knows the fix?  Appreciated!!



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