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Dual monitor windows move to different screen when re-logging.

Rick von Richter


I have a dual monitor setup. Both monitors have same resolution.

I have a Windows 7 VDI and I place my apps on the left and right screens where I want them.

Everything works fine until I logout and then log in the next morning.

Most of my windows will flip screens. The Windows on the left monitor will move to the right monitor and vice-versa.

I then have to drag everything back to where I want it which is aggravating.


I am using Citrix Workspace 2103 (

I am NOT an admin so I cannot change any admin settings.


Any help appreciated.

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Hi Rick,

If I understand properly;

you disconnect (not logout) of Citrix and your application windows are not in the place you left them.
If you would logout they would be gone all together.

I understand the frustration, but I don't think you can really dictate the saved location state anywhere.
There are some regkeys (admin settings) which can be fiddled with but it won't really fix your issue.

Sorry to tell you,


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Thank you for the response.

I have never had this happen before.

I believe this started happening when I added a third monitor.

In Windows, you can mark a screen as primary and I wonder if Citrix Workspace is getting confused with the extra monitor.

Or, maybe I have to select a different monitor as primary.


I also noted the "Monitor Layout" tab in the pull-down preferences but I fiddled with that and it does not seem to do anything.



Regards, Rick

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