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DMARC nameserver record not available

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I am in the middle of moving some of our DNS records for our DMARC system to use a platform. Currently we have a txt record for the DMARC record that we need & this is resolvable.

I was advised that I need to put a nameserver record in 


in txt records I have the '_dmarc.domain.co.uk' entry. This works as expected. All queries can see this record.

I have just recreated this same entry in the name server records section.

This record is '_dmarc.domain.co.uk nameserver ns-dmarc.ondmarc.com. I gave this a very short ttl (10 mins)


Then I removed the txt record & just get a no record found error. 
The platform provider have confirmed that this works when querying their name servers & the config is the same as other domains setup on the same system (hosted in external DNS provider).

The record works as expected on domains that we have hosted in CSC for DNS, seems to be a strange thing with the ADC's.


What is confusing me is the fact that there is also a _domainkey.domain.co.uk NS record pointing to the same place as the DMARC record.

This resolves fine, any DNS queries to that are sent to the ns-dkim.ondmarc.com DNS server.

When using dig to query the DMARC record I do get a message in the header


WARNING: Recursion requested but not available.

This message does not appear in the _domainkey query, even though they were all created the same way on the ADC.

So if it was the ADC not being able to return the NS settings I would expect it to affect all NS queries, not just one particular one.


Any help would be great.



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