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Manoj Rana

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Hi all,


I am working on scenario where my client want to monitor the VDA servers on storefront load balance. In case of all VDA agent fail GSLB send the traffic to other site.


The setup is storefront and DDC running separate hypervisor and all the VDA vm's running in separate hypervisor. In case of host failure or any other issue with VDA hypervisor GSBL mark storefront LB  down for site1 and send traffic to site2. As far as I know as long as storefront is healthy it doesn't send the traffic to failover/backup site.


Any idea how to monitor VDA and setup on storefront load balancer ?









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The ADC shouldn't monitor VDA up/down state because you have hundreds/thousands...  And you won't be able to control up/down state of storefront based on vda events behind storefront (storefront talks to controllers and vda events aren't occurring until launch phases anyway - when storefront is no longer involved).


Your Storefront has the ability to failover to other CVAD Sites due to controller health (not VDA health).

StoreFront can be configured with primary and backup CVAD Sites (either using storefront keywords OR by specifying primary/backup in the controller list which is the preferred method).

If Storefront detects the CVAD site A is down (due to controller issues), then it can direct traffic to CVAD Site B (and with gateway routing) the failover gateway too.

See this part of the admin guide: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/1912-ltsr/set-up-highly-available-multi-site-stores.html

Under user mapping and aggregate and the advanced config sections.

If storefront otherwise fails, gslb will then still get you to other gateway/storefront locations.


In either case, the failover isn't based on the vda failure, but on the controller ability to respond with resources.  This is your preferred cvad failover mechanism.


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To add to the above, while you *might* be able to monitor hypervisor host failures, since your vms should be staggered across hosts and still recover to other hosts in the cluster (or else you have a single point of failure). It would still be better if the controllers monitored for resource availability and not storefront. If no vda's returned, the storefront should retrieve the other associated site or zone of resources as the backup resources, depending on how you are architected.


Storefront should get you to the controllers of SiteA or SiteB (or zoneA vs zoneB within a site) for aggregation purposes and dr fallback.  Controllers should be responsible for resource retrieval.   Storefront's existing capabilities should help you failover to other cvad sites in the conditions you are concerned about and route to proper gateway as part of the failover.


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