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Under my country list in the Geo Locations tab,  it shows one of the countries as * ( included in the screenshot)


Kindly wanted to know what does this traffic resembles and is there a way to rename it  in order to increase the visibility.


Much Regards


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If you have IP Blocks configured for the incoming links/connections, you should be good. But I'm wondering myself if we'll always see the "*" as there will always be ICA Clients that ADM cannot report on. Take a look at Skipped Flows under Analytics/HDX Insight/Instances. I wish there was a way to search these clients instead of paging.


* = represents all the locations which our database could not lookup

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I already configured the required private IP blocks  for all my internal subnets, the "*" is still appearing though, and it actually have more than 50% of the traffic.

does it have with the geo map database ? should it be updated ?


Much Regards for your response Chad!

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Sadly skipped flows bar under the HDX insight is empty.


I configured IP blocks for all the enteral subnets, still the "*" is not being removed from the country columns , although am sure it is  all internal traffic, management is still not accepting the initial look of the interface as they require this "*" to be shown in a meaningful way.


Really appreciate your support.


Much Regards Chad

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