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Citrix Xenserver 7.1cu2 hw upgrade > Supermicro X11DPH-T random network reset Intel® X722 + X557

Aleksander Kikkas




We have a Citrix Xenserver 7.1CU2 licensed eneterprise per socket.

We did the hw upgrade to  Supermicro X11DPH-T Intel® X722 + X557 (clean install and export/import vm-s), latest updates, latest xencenter


Under heavy network load importing vm (1Gbit/s) the  Intel® X722 + X557 randomly reset


This was not an issue in 8.2, but 8.2 does not allow to use the license file   issued to our server.


We tried different switch-s but not at native 10Gbit/s


I know in ubuntu had similar problems with intel-s ethenet adapters resetting and fixed with permanent ethtool commands like:


up ethtool -s eth1 wol d
up ethtool -G eth1 rx 1024 tx 1024
  ### i217 device hangs ocassionally in dmesg...without following:
up ethtool -K eth1 tso off



Maybe buffer/etc tunings


Kind Regards


Aleksander Kikkas


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Self ask - self answer...


It seems, that this is known issue as 7.1 comes with very old drivers.(i40e: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection XL710 Network Driver - version 1.3.46-k)




We have a License, that says "Eligible for support" can download updates etc but:




is not accessible ;(((


Very strange politics


Maybe any other way how manually update to Intel i40e-2.0.23 ?




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Yee - It works now...


We have now much newer driver, than Citrix provide (2.0.23) through Customer Premises support...

The magic was DDK.


Steps to make it work:

1) Download DDK 7.1 and import it.


2) Login into the DDK via ssh


3) Download the intel driver source to the DDK:

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/e1000/files/i40e stable/2.11.25/


4) Build RPM

rpmbuild -ta i40e-2.11.25.tar.gz


5) Export RPM to the Citrix DOM0


6) On DOM0 

rmmod i40e


7) On DOM0

rpm ivh i40e-2.11.25-1.x86_64.rpm


8) On DOM0

cd /boot

dracut –f initrd*


Kind Regards


Aleksander Kikkas


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