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XenServer VM get IP from DHCP, but not able to Ping the gateway and DHCP server

Jonas Ye


I have a XenServer( installed in ESXI, I installed a Windows 10( in XenServer, and could get IP address from DHCP server( installed in XenServer.


It is weird the Windows 10 can get IP address but not able to Ping the DHCP server and gateway, I've disabled all the firewalls, also manually set a IP address, but it comes the same result.


Another thing I found the Windows 10 only could Ping the XenServer and other VMs in the XenServer

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10 minutes ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

Clearly, this is an unsupported configuration, so all bests are off!


That said, can you ping the Windows VM from the other side? Might also be a router setting that blocks access; ICMP is disabled as a security measure in many instances these days.

Thanks for your reply, I could not PING the VM from outside of XenServer, that means, the VM can get IP from the DHCP server which is installed in ESXI, I can also see the IP address in the DHCP pool, but from the DHCP server, I can't PING any VMs in the XenServer, the firewall is turned off from all the VMs, and the VMs can PING each other also the host XenServer's IP address.

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PIng isn't critical, hence as long as your VM is working and able to be managed as well as communicate with the outside world, I wouldn't worry about it.

ICMP is either blocked or not enabled somewhere, maybe in the XS itef. You can check IPtables for the ICMP setting, perhaps: https://serverfault.com/questions/721944/best-iptables-configuration-for-a-xenserver-with-management-interface-exposed-to


This article, though old and maybe not compatible with newer XS releases, may be of some help: https://www.silver-peak.com/sites/default/files/userdocs/quickstart_vxoa_citrix_xenserver_hypervisor_routermode_r5-2_revb_april2012.pdf

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think this question is more related to esxi forum. 

looks like your quest (xen) has something wrong with network drivers detected on esxi side.

you did not provide what versions you are experimentating with - nor esxi nor xen, so it is hard to help, only guess...

Try to use e1000 during install even if xen detect something else.



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