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Workspace app session timeout with cloud deployment (cloud gateway)

Simon Nelson

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We cannot figure out how or where to configure a session timeout of the Workspace Application. Workspace currently appears to have a session lifetime somewhere in the area of 24 hours. The session will even survive a client-side reboot.


We need the session to end at 10 hours - preferable killing any active desktop or published application session as well at the time (though that's not an absolute requirement, so 1 step at a time). We need the session to not survive a client reboot.


We have an entirely Citrix Cloud deployment, that is, we have no on-prem storefront or on-prem gateway - we are using "cloud gateway."


Support has been absolutely no help on this issue.


How can we enable a session timeout on the workspace application?  Workspace running in a browser has a timeout value, but we do not want to force users to run everything in a browser.


Thank you,



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