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BITS service Timeouts on UPL (SCCM-packages)

Alexander Spies


We are experiencing software packages on the SCCM Softwarecenter being stuck on xx% downloading and not continuing when assigned to a Windows 10 VDI with User Personalization Layer (VDA-based User-Layer). 


Other software packages from the same SCCM-environment are downloaded and installed without a problem on the same UPLs. Software packages with issues on UPL are downloaded and installed without a problem on Non-UPL-VDIs (Pooled-Random, full-provisioned) or standalone Windows 10 VMs (no Citrix-VDA). There should be no conflicts or dependencies towards software/firmware inside the Master-Image of the Catalog.


I asked our software deployment team for guidance and they figured out that it seems to go along with the BITS service randomly stopping and therefor the download being stuck. If you restart the BITS jobs countless times, the download will at some point finish and the software will indeed be installed. 


Since in UPL the BITS service is dependent on the UniService (User-Layer-Service), my question would be if anyone else has experienced this and can suggest a solution or further investigations? E.g. any way to lift BITS from being dependent from UniService?

Here is an example of the download issue:


DTS job {BCCB330B-B6F1-4C1D-B44D-D4188F5C5095} BITS job {50611434-E3E9-4F52-8CFD-46DDAC1F1E21} failed to download source file 
to destination C:\Windows\ccmcache\6m\Files/Build/HD/PHSP18.0.1/AdobePhotoshop18-Core_x64.zip with error 0x80070422


Since we are still experiencing issues while trying to upgrade the SCCM-agent inside our Master image , we can't simply try out a newer SCCM-Agent.

Further environment infos:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise - Builds 1909 and 20H2
  • SCCM-Agent 5.00.8913.1012
  • Citrix-VDA with UPL: 1912 LTSR, 1912 LTSR CU1 & 2009

Best regards

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