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Netscalar ADC MPX 5550 - Upgrade from 12.1 to 13.x -- Stability of 13.0 release

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Dear Community


We have an HA Pair of MPX 5550 ADC running 12.1 57.18 build  


Is 13.0  a stable enough now   to upgrade to   or  Is it worth waiting for 13.1  instead  ?   Will we be able to upgrade directly from 12.1 to 13.1  ? 


what is the best practice to choose the target  build version for a particular release to upgrade to  ?  Should we go for the latest or n-1 , n-2 etc  ? 



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I can confirm Carls statement, 12.1 is for the most stable major release so far. 13.0 had so many bugs and issues throughout the versions, even though some cool features were implemented.


If there are not any major security issues with your current build, you can just stay on the build you are. Latest 12.1 works fine for me.

But be aware that with release of 13.1 there will be major changes regarding expressions, I don't know if Citrix will offer some automatic script which will correct all old syntaxes into advanced syntax, but you should definitely keep that in mind when 13.1 gets released.


when doing upgrade I'd always go with shell/console and not with web gui, have had some issues using the web-feature to upgrade the appliance.

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