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Tomcat load balance

Manoj Rana

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I setup the Tomcat load balance . There are 3 servers behind the VIP all the traffic is end to end encrypted. Session Persistence set to SOURCEIP.


The problem I am seeing after couple of  hours 1 or 2 servers stop responding to the request and all the traffic going to one server. When everything running from one server there is no issue. This sound like issue with Tomcat servers. But I want to make sure there is nothing wrong from ADC side. 


Any suggestion or advice or anyone seen similar issue?





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Are they showing as down under the Service Group? Also, what monitor have you bound to the group? 


If they are showing as DOWN then it would suggest an issue with the server. If they are showing as UP then I'd check the persistence table and see if anything stands out under the persistence parameter column. 

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In that case it is the backend servers that are the issue not the NetScaler. What monitor have you got bound to the service/service group the servers are bound to? If you didn't set one then it will use the default TCP monitor which basically checks there is a response on the port. 


When they are showing as down on the NetScaler are you able to directly get to the web service on one of those servers?

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