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What is this forum good for???



This looks like a "Citrix Users Anonymous" forum supposed to give the impression of "you are not alone" but actually it clearly shows that we are. No replies on most items 

and the best you can get is "I have the same problem". Useless and probably just created to get us users having to use flawed products off their back. I would need an old fashioned way

to report a reproducable crash and submit a core dump for some technically interested human to have a look at it. Any pointers?


I am not using Citrix for fun but my client will probably have paid for it so why should I buy a support contract??

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I want to confirm your concern: "I have the same problem" ?

joke aside...


My biggest issue with a useless forum like this is, that mostly technical enthusiasts are those, who are ready to post a core dump and search out all those diagnostic data, which can be useful for the developers. If Citrix simply awaits the customers, who operate the server for the Workspace, to report the bug, then I need to disappoint them: mostly the freelancers will make the hard work to get the issue done, not the employees who can hardly wait to clock out at 5pm and do NOT give a sh**.


All in all, there should be a communication channel, which makes bug reports possible for "external" users. The case for this possibility to avoid releasing updates, which still contain the same bug: I don't really know, what's the difference amongst the versions 2204-2206.1 ... the sudden usage of high CPU is still not solved throughout the versions, only a workaround is documented.

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