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UpmVhd folder is empty

Emmanuel MENANT




I try to configure UPM via WEM 2013 and use the parameter : enable search index roaming for Microsoft Outlook Users

I just configure Citrix Profile Management Setting, Microsoft USV Setting for redirect folder (AppData\Roaming included) and follows recommendations in c:\windows\temp\UPMConfigCheckOutput.

I'd created the network folders share, reading CS blog recommendations


When my test user login to VDA, the profile is created in the share place \\myserver\ctxprofiles$\%USERNAME% and redirected folders in \\myserver\RedirDossiers$\%USERNAME%.


A folder UpmVhd is also created but it's empty (no UmpParentVhd.vhdx in).


If i check the profile created on VDA the profile type is local (not roaming).


Where is my mistake ?


... sorry for my english, i hope you can understand something, i am french please don't blame me :-)

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