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Any way to remove a server from a pool without destroying the VMs on it?


I currently have a pool with three hypervisors in it.  I added my oldest hypervisor to a newly created pool with the goal of live migrating the two VMs that remained on it into the pool onto better machines.  Unfortunately, due to incompatible licenses, this has resulted in all the servers losing their licensing, meaning I can't live migrate or move them even with them in a pool, meaning I'll have to export them (which requires them to be offline, obviously).  I didn't realize when I added the machine to the pool that it was effectively a one-way trip, with removal being destructive.

If I understand correctly, removal from the pool will wipe out Local Storage.  Does this include all LVMs on the hypervisor or just the one specifically called 'Local Storage'?  I have a second LVM on the server I've named 'Extended Storage', which I could move the VMs to, but if that gets wiped out also, that's no help.  The primary reason I don't just export the machines is time; the one server is a file server with 900GB of disk space allotted, which will take a long time to export and then import (and I may just try to use file backups and replace the machine with a new VM on the pool).

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

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44 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

It might be easier to work with Citrix and get the licensing all straightened out. If your license is out you probably can't

storage migrate to shared storage.  




Depends on the version of XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor. Which is it, Dru? For newer releases, pretty much guaranteed not to work without a paid-for license.

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